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Performance and Exhibit Dates:                                                                                     

WBGO JAZZ 88 Radio Station Art Gallery 

Now through September 30

Reception: Thursday, August 19 6-8 PM

54 Park Place

Newark, New Jersey 07102

(973) 624-8880


Cay Fatima


Lakeview, Long Island native Cay Fatima has been exhibiting a series of photographs entitled, "People, Places and Politics", from a larger collection she has compiled from earlier works to recent works taken in her career as a photo-journalist, portrait, still-life and landscape photographer.They include photos of stunning Southwestern sunsets, interesting everyday people, places and politics, which include famous buildings/monuments, and noted performers/politicians, such as B.B. King, Governor Mario Cuomo, Congresswoman Bella Abzug, Senator Hillary Clinton, Lena Horne, George Benson, Mayor David Dinkins, Natalie Cole, Rev. Ralph Abernathy and Stevie Wonder.


"It was hard to select about 12 photos from the greater collection," says Fatima. "I have a hard time choosing, so some exhibitions may not show the same pieces all the time. The hardest to choose is the politicians and I am adding to the collection all the time. As people, places and politics change, I hope to continue in this mode to document with photography the transformations, while continuing to explore other forms of audio-visual expression."


First a student of psychology and political science at Boston University, Cay dropped out and later transferred and graduated from SUNY-College at Old Westbury as the first multi-media major, in which she is now a consultant to Old Westbury's current president Dr. Calvin O. Butts III in the school's efforts of restoring the performing arts department that was retrenched by the previous president and New York State. Also a consultant to Hon. James Garner, Mayor of the Inc. Village of Hempstead, who ran for a U.S. House of Representatives seat and is a former president of the U. S. Conference of Mayors.  After graduating from Old Westbury, Ms. Fatima continued her studies at the Institute For New Cinema Artists, a film, television, recording arts and sciences school run by the late actor Ossie Davis and studied privately with still life photographer Herb Robinson, studio photographer Eugene Adams and the late Lu Figgs, as well as the late photojournalist Tex Harris and wildlife/travel photographer Ted Whiting.


Ms. Fatima's work has been included in the multi-visual exhibit "I Hear Music In The Air", and as a photographer/writer, Cay’s work has appeared in national magazines and newspapers such as the Amsterdam News, Emerge, Vibe and Studio Photography. Ms. Fatima’s writing interests are not just limited to journalism, but include fiction, poetry, screenwriting/playwriting and research. Her current collection of poetry is entitled, "Close Calls and Canyons", which is a unique collection of poems, songs and words. In addition, a jazzy children’s poem "Can Cats Cry" she has developed into an illustrated book for youngsters of all ages.


Cay Fatima’s talents are not limited to the visual and literary arts. As a jazz musician/composer she has performed at the Jackie Robinson Foundation’s 10th Anniversary "Afternoon In Jazz", and various tri-state area jazz clubs such as Birdland, S.O.B.’s, Honeysuckle’s Soul Café and Manhattan Proper. With the Senegalese group Roots Talibes, she has appeared on ABC-TV’s In Concert, when they opened for Kenny Loggins at a United Nations multi-cultural celebration. As co-producer of the jazz group Real Time’s CD "Before The Storm", she provided keyboard expertise as well as co-writing several of the selections on the CD. Multi-instrumentalist, Cay Fatima enjoys playing piano, but also flute, guitar, bass, and percussion. Her one-woman-shows "Everybody Is A Star" features her talents on all of these instruments, which include vocals.


One of Cay Fatima’s goals is to bring to students, educators and all interested parties an audio-visual representation that may bridge the gap of the diverse American cultures.