The Sweet Breath of Life

A Poetic Narrative of The African-American Family

By Frank Stewart   Poems by Ntozake Shange

In THE SWEET BREATH OF LIFE (Atria Books; October 26, 2004; $30.00; Hardcover; Non-Fiction) an inspiring venture from celebrated poet Ntozake Shange and an acclaimed group of photographers words and images come together to give definition to the beauty and wonder of contemporary African-American culture.

Collaborations between writers and photographers have provided African-Americans with an important focus for issues of identity and representation (or lack thereof), ever since the first publication of The Sweet Flypaper of Life by Langston Hughes and Roy DeCarava in 1967

Titled and designed in that tradition, THE SWEET BREATH OF LIFE is a literary and visual narrative, showing how African-Americans—particularly Ntozake Shange and the photographers of The Kamoinge Workshop—view themselves now, in the first decade of the new millennium.  Renowned photographer Roy DeCarava, who became the first president of the Kamoinge Workshop in 1963, set the aesthetic and philosophical tone of the group—a response to the biased representation of African-Americans in the media.  As image-makers, the Kamoinge members have sought to shed positive light on their subjects, and to demystify black life in America

With 140 black-and-white stunning photographs from such acclaimed photographers in Anthony Barboza, Adger W. Cowans, and Ming Smith Murray, and poems by Ntozake Shange, whose choreopoem For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow is Ennuf has become a classic, THE SWEET BREATH OF LIFE is a rich, timeless, and thought-provoking book.  Like Crowns:  Portraits of Black Woman in Church Hats, it is both a treasure to keep, and a perfect gift for any and all holidays and celebrations.

  New from Gwynne Forster   "If You Walked In My Shoes"

 You are cordially invited to join Best Selling Author GWYNNE FORSTER to celebrate the release of her 18th novel, IF YOU WALKED IN MY SHOES. 

If You Walked In My Shoes is the story of a successful career woman, wife and mother of two stepsons, Coreen Holmes Treadwell that has done well for herself-in spite of the heart-wrenching secret that haunts her. At seventeen, Coreen was the victim of date rape-and an unwanted pregnancy that ended in adoption. Neither the passage of time, nor her silence, has dulled her pain. Even now, years later, Coreen is torn between guilt toward the child she never knew and the family she has never been completely honest with. Unable to help herself, Coreen has focused her energy on helping others, becoming the renowned head of a social welfare agency. But success is a double edged sword, for the more of a public figure she becomes, the more terrified she is that someday, somewhere a child who looks like her will recognize her and shatter her world. And in fact, it is only a matter of time.




Donna Hill
Dare to Dream

From the author of Divas, Inc. and In My Bedroom comes Donna Hill's latest romantic novel about fate and second chances.  A crisis turns into a second chance at love for a SoHo artist when she runs into her ex-fiancé on a much-needed vacation. 



Bernice McFadden's latest release Camilla's Roses is the " The poignant tale of a woman who discovers the fragility of life and strength of a family's love, from an author praised by Toni Morrison for "searing expertly imagined scenes."   Review   Excerpt                                  




Song for My Father: Memoir of an All-American Family


Stephanie Stokes-Oliver's new book Song For My Father reveals a poignant look at the life of her father, Charles M. Stokes, a true die hard Black Republican.   SONG FOR MY FATHER is a tribute to a larger-than-life father, but it is also the inspiring story of an American family who worked, struggled, dreamed, and succeeded.



From the #1 Nationally Bestselling Author of Waiting in Vain and Satisfy My Soul


Stories by

Colin Channer  

▪A Selection of The Black Expressions Book Club

 Nationally bestselling author Colin Channer is back with PASSING THROUGH (One World/ Ballantine Books; June 29, 2004 ; Trade Paperback Original), a sexy, witty collection of stories set on a tiny fictional island in the Caribbean Sea .

Spanning the early 1900s up to modern times, the stories trace the intersecting lives of travelers, expatriates, and local folks in ways that shock, illuminate, and reveal. From the American photographer who finds her world disturbed by new forms of love and lust, to the cocky poet who is drawn into a comic plot involving rats and sweet revenge, to a charismatic, but troubled, priest confronted by the earthly perks of fame and stardom, the diverse mix of characters is united by the universal search for love and understanding—a challenge on an island simmering with issues of politics, power, and race.

Written with poetic grace and titillating candor, each story shines against its own tableau—World War II, the rise of Fidel Castro, Mt. Pelee devastating Martinique, import-export trading, Bob Marley in the days before his music echoed all around the world. As men and women fall in love, marry and remarry, face moral conflicts and new identities, the volcano sees it all. From plantation days to the roots of revolution, it is a silent witness to the turbulent century that engulfs this tiny island of eternal humor, passion, and allure.  PASSING THROUGH solidifies Colin Channer’s place as one of the preeminent writers working today.  Be sure to visit the author at



Walter Mosley
Little Scarlet - An Easy Rawlins Mystery

WALTER MOSLEY is the author of nineteen critically acclaimed books and his work has been translated into twenty-one languages. His popular mysteries featuring Easy Rawlins began with Devil in a Blue Dress in 1990. Others in the series include A Red Death, White Butterfly, Black Betty and A Little Yellow Dog (both of which were New York Times bestsellers). Last year, Easy Rawlins returned with Bad Boy Brawly Brown and Six Easy Pieces. Fear Itself, the follow-up of Fearless Jones, Mosley's new mystery series featuring second-hand bookseller Paris Minton and his friend Fearless Jones was published July 2003 by Little Brown. The Man in My Basement, a novel of ideas set in contemporary time in a Long Island community, was published in January 2004. Little Scarlet, an Easy Rawlins novel set five days after the 1965 Watts riots, was published in July 2004. In 2005, Mosley will publish his first book for young adult readers, 47, an ingenious mix of history, science fiction, and adventure